Our two-day UPS Systems and Battery Maintenance training course begins with a discussion of the need for UPS systems. It then covers the relative comparisons between various UPS topologies and their modes of operation. The batteries used for UPS systems are covered next. How a battery works, their maintenance, safety and testing is thoroughly discussed.

A solid working knowledge of the typical electrical components found within a UPS is developed before exploring how AC is
converted to DC and then inverting DC back to AC. When all of the above elements of a UPS are understood, a theoretical rectifier
and inverter feedback loop are thoroughly discussed. This will be followed by a troubleshooting exercise.

Students are given failure scenarios where they work in groups to find which circuit component has opened, shorted or significantly changed in value to produce the alarm condition described. The UPS Systems and Battery Maintenance training course finishes with a general discussion on UPS system trouble shooting.

• 1. Review: Electrical and Electronic Fundamentals
• 2. In-Depth Study of UPS Systems
• 3. Building Blocks of UPS Systems
• 4. UPS I/O Sections
• 5. UPS Specification
• 6. Battery Requirements
• 7. Choppers and Inverters
• 8. Static Switches ( internal and external )
• 9. UPS Interface
• 10. UPS Grounding and Neutral Configuration
• 11. UPS Maintenance
• 12. UPS System Testing and Commissioning
• 3. Input and Output Power Quality Waveforms and Data
• 14. UPS System Applications
• 15. Cases Studies

• This two-day UPS system training course is designed to assist organizations to identify the many savings to be gained from proper UPS system design, application, testing and maintenance.
• Some working knowledge of basic electrical engineering principles is required, although this will be revised at the beginning of the course. Real-life experience in working with batteries and UPS systems will enable the course to be placed in context.

• Electrical Engineers
• Electrical Maintenance Tradespeople & Technicians
• Instrumentation and Control Engineers
• Power System Protection and Control Engineers
• Building Service Designers
• Data Systems Planners and Managers
• Other electrical personnel involved in the maintenance industrial,
commericial and institutional power systems

Program Details: www.electricityforum.com/forums/ups-systems-onsite.html