This Electrical Substation Grounding training course covers effective relaying and insulation of equipment; and also the safety of the personnel is the governing criterion through the proper design of substation grounding. This course will discuss how to maintain, test, and inspect a proper grounding system for the electrical power substation.

This Electrical Substation Grounding training course covers the ideas behind effective substation grounding system design and describes test methods and numerical models to characterize soil resistivity into a two layer soil model. Participants learn test methods to measure other important grounding system parameters, such as interconnected grounding impedance, neutral and over head ground wire current splits. Then, functional requirements of temporary working grounds are discussed followed by their installation configuration, maintenance and testing.

• Substation Grounding Design Overview
• Session 1: Definitions And Interpretations
• Session 2: Grounding Options
• Session 3: Ground Grid Design For Substations
• Session 4: Switchyard And Substation Protective Grounding
• Session 5: Power Line Protective Grounding
• Session 6: Technical Considerations In Protective Grounding In Substations And Switchyards
• International And Local Regulations

• Basics Of High Voltage Grounding
• Electrical Bonding of High Voltage Systems
• Proper Sizing of conductors
• Grounding of Substations
• High Voltage Surge protection
• Electrical Grounding for lightning protection

• This course is designed for engineering project managers, engineers, and technicians from utilities who have built or are considering building or retrofitting substations or distribution systems with SCADA and substation integration and automation equipment.
• Utility and Industrial Electrical Engineers and Engineering Technicians
• Transmission planning engineers
• Distribution planning engineers
• Substation Design Engineers
• Consulting Electrical Engineers
• Substation network management engineers
• Substation maintenance and construction engineers & Technologists

Program Details: