Our Protective Relay Coordination Training course focuses on the protection of distribution power systems and an understanding of system faults and their detection, as well as their safe disconnection.

This Protective Relay Coordination Training course presents a comprehensive and systematic description of the concepts and principles of operation and application of protection schemes for various power system elements. Our Protective Relay Coordination Training course begins with an overview of power system faults, short circuit calculations, components of power system protection schemes, as well as a full session on microprocessor-based protective relays and their application.

This Protective Relay Coordination Training course has been specifically designed for electric utility engineers, consultants and others involved in the selection and coordination of over current protective devices used in medium-voltage electric power distribution systems. Facilities engineers engaged in the selection of devices for protecting small power transformers, as well as the coordination of those devices with both source-side and load-side protective devices, will also benefit from the course.

• Introduction To Power System Relaying
• Need For Protection
• Simple Calculation Of Short Circuit Currents
• System Earthing
• Protection System Components Including Fuses
• Instrument Transformers
• Circuit Breakers
• Tripping Batteries
• Relay Co-ordination By Time Grading
• Low Voltage Networks
• Principles Of Unit Protection
• Feeder Protection
• Transformer Protection
• Switchgear (busbar) Protection
• Motor Protection
• Generator Protection
• Current Transformers
• Power Systems Grounding
• Protection Fundamentals

• Enhance your knowledge of basic electrical system protection techniques including fault analysis
• Further your understanding of protective devices
• Understand problems generally faced and solutions successfully adopted by industry
• Learn to calculate the basic fault currents flowing in any part of the electrical system
• Improve your electrical system protection against faults and over voltages

• Electrical Consulting Engineers
• Industrial, commercial, institutional electrical  engineers
• Design engineers and electrical engineers from large industrial plants or municipal distribution systems with complex protective relay needs will find this course highly beneficial
• Attendance at the Electricity Forum Training Institute’s Power System Design and Analysis Engineering Course or equivalent is strongly recommended as a prerequisite for taking this course.

Program Details: www.electricityforum.com/forums/protective-relay-onsite.html