This Circuit Breaker Maintenance training course provides an overview of power system protection design fundamentals,
focusing on power distribution electrical circuit breakers used in common industrial, commercial and institutional applications.
Basic electrical circuit breaker construction, electrical safety, and common circuit breaker maintenance techniques are the major
components of this course.

The Circuit Breaker Maintenance training  part of the course will discuss application, installation, maintenance and testing issues related to low, medium and high-voltage switchgear  and electrical circuit breaker equipment. The course will provide delegates with a solid understanding of Circuit Breaker testing and maintenance standards.

The course will also make students aware of issues concerning the proper application, installation and maintenance of circuit breaker equipment with a strong emphasis on safety. The course will cover a wide range of material starting from the basics and moving on to more complex issues.

When brought on-site, this course can be supplemented by an in-depth study of the specific circuit breaker models used at the
client’s facility. Hands-on training is provided wherever practical.

• Session 1: Circuit Breaker Protection Fundamentals
• Session 2: General Circuit Breaker Protection Design Concepts
• Session 3: Circuit Breaker Design
• Session 4: Circuit Breaker Protection of Electrical Equipment
• Session 5: Generators
• Session 6: Busbars and switchgear
• Session 7: Transformers
• Session 8: Feeders
• Session 9: Motors
• Session 10: Low, Medium And High Voltage Breaker Maintenance & Testing
• Session 11: Breaker Design Terminology
• Session 12: Low Voltage Circuit Breakers
• Session 13: Medium Voltage and High Voltage Breakers
• Session 14: Electrical Safety Procedures, Dealing with Arc Flash, NFPA 70e

• Use manufacturer instruction literature and established industrial standards to perform required inspection, checks, lubrication and adjustments on Low and Medium voltage circuit breakers
• How to perform insulation resistance tests on Low and Medium voltage breakers and the interpretation of test data
• How to perform contact resistance tests on Low and Medium voltage breakers and the interpretation of test data
• How to perform a high current primary injection test on Low Voltage circuit breakers and the interpretation of test data
• How to perform a power factor/dissipation test on Medium Voltage breakers and the interpretation of test data

• Industrial, commercial, institutional electrical engineers
• Consulting Electrical Engineers
• Project engineers
• Design engineers
• Field technicians
• Electrical technicians
• Plant operators
• Plant engineers
• Electrical supervisors

Program Details: