Our two-day Telecommunications Electrical Grounding training course will define and completely explain electrical grounding and bonding for telecommunications systems.

It will provide information for the installation of a grounding and bonding system for communications infrastructure.

Our Telecommunications Electrical Grounding training course
will include requirements for providing a permanent grounding and bonding infrastructure for communications circuits, raceways, and cable tray.

This two-day course will provide the participants with a good understanding of the principles of lightning protection and
grounding of telecommunications facilities, such as self-supporting radio towers, guyed masts, monopoles and rooftop antenna
mounting frames and structures and how techniques are applied in the field to protect these structures and the associated equipment,
staff and the general public.

This Telecommunications Electrical Grounding training course will explain grounding and bonding requirements in the the NEC and TIA/EIA/ANSI Standards.

• Session 1: Telecommunications Grounding Overview
• Session 2: Grounding Electrode System
• Session 3: System Grounding
• Session 4: Tower Installations
• Session 5: Telecommunications Electrical Bonding System
• Session 6: Telecommunications Stand-by/emergency Generators
• Session 7: Lightning Protection System For A Telecommunications Site
• Session 8: Telecommunications Industry Grounding Practices
• Session 9: Grounding Against Electromagnetic Interference (emi/esd/rfi)
• Session 10: Telecommunications Equipment Protection
• Case Histories: Four Telecommunications Case Histories Will Be Reviewed And Analyzed.
• Standards And Codes References For This Course

• The fundamental characteristics of lightning and how to protect against it
• How power line disturbances can impact communications
• How to control corrosion through grounding
• The role of the NESC, NEC and other codes and standards
• Earth grounds and soil characteristics
• How to provide for a common bonding network in telco sites and buildings
• Students will understand the requirements of the NEC and TIA/EIA/ANSI “Commercial
• Building Grounding (Earthing) and Bonding Requirements for Telecommunications”.

• This advanced course is designed for those who are required to design, plan, install, maintain and supervise contractors who are providing electrical grounding and lightning protection systems for telecommunications Sites, such as: Electrical Engineers,
Project Engineers, Design Engineers, site Engineers or those who are responsible for the engineering, design, construction, installation, inspection, operation, or maintenance of electrical grounding systems in telecommunications facilities.

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