This one-day high voltage electrical grounding training course will provide the basic principles of grounding a power supply network to ensure safety of personnel and equipment. Understanding these principles will provide the correct tools to design a grounding system applicable to utility networks and industrial plant distribution. This course covers the basic procedures in working safely on medium and high voltage systems.

A properly designed and installed grounding system ensures reliable performance of electrical substations. Fast clearing of faults,
made possible by good grounding, improves the overall safety and reliability of an electrical system.

• Basics Of High-Voltage Grounding
• Electrical Bonding of High Voltage Systems
• Proper Sizing of Conductors
• Grounding of Substations
• High-Voltage Surge Protection
• Electrical Grounding for Lightning Protection

• Basics Of High-voltage Grounding
• Electrical Bonding Of High Voltage Systems
• Proper Sizing Of Conductors
• Grounding Of Substations
• High-voltage Surge Protection
• Electrical Grounding For Lightning Protection
• Substation Grounding Design
• Session 1: Definitions And Interpretations
• Session 2: Grounding Options
• Session 3: Ground Grid Design For Substations
• Session 4: Switchyard And Substation Protective Grounding
• Session 5: Power Line Protective Grounding
• Session 6: Technical Considerations In Protective Grounding In Substations And Switchyards
• Substation Grounding System
• Grounding And Jumpering Requirements
• International And Local Regulations

• The basic principles of grounding of medium and high voltage electrical systems
• Protective or Safety grounding system
• Safe and unsafe working conditions
• Design considerations of a grounding grid for medium and high voltage
• Measurement of ground resistance, resistivity in substations
• Protection of substations from lightning energy

• Utility and Industrial Electrical Engineers and Engineering Technicians
• Project Engineers
• Design Engineers
• Field Technicians
• Electrical Technicians
• Electricians
• Plant Operators
• Plant Engineers
• Electrical Supervisors

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