The Advanced Electrical Grounding training course provides a higher level, more in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the Basic Electrical Grounding Course. While the Basic Grounding Course provided a simplified coverage of the basic principles of grounding and grounding design, the Advanced Course will follow by a step-by-step design procedures. The resistivity and conductivity properties of the soil and the ” analysis of “Distribution of Surface Potentials and Currents” will be presented in the “Basic

Geology” session.

More detail coverage includes additional formulas and calculations not presented on the basic course. As an example, calculations
for “Ground Fault Currents” will be presented. This advanced course will also address other grounding electrode systems not
covered in the basic eletrical grounding course such as “Buried Horizontal Ground Grids”, the “Three-Point” triangular electrode
and calculations for determining the area of influence of grounding electrodes, such as a ground rod. For critical electronic loads,
this advanced course will provide grounding practices for signal reference subsystems, multipoint grounding systems and lower
and higher frequency signal reference networks, subjects not covered in the EFTI basic electrical grounding course.

• Session 1: State Of The Art
• Session 2: Advanced Geology Considerations
• Session 3: Advanced Grounding Overview
• Session 4: Grounding Electrode System Design Modelling
• Session 5: Advanced Grounding System Design
• Session 6: Circuit Grounding
• Session 7: Fault Protection Subsystems
• Session 8: Lightning Protection Systems
• Session 9: Advanced Industrial Electrical Systems Grounding Strategies
• Session 10: Advanced Electronic & Computer Equipment Grounding Systems
• Session 11: Signal/instrumentation Grounding
• Session 12: Emi On Electronic Circuits
• Session 13: Advanced Electrical Grounding Applications
• Session 14: Four Case Histories Included

• Work more safely and efficiently
• Have a better understanding of the National Electrical Code
• Make fewer installation mistakes and pass inspections more easily
• Be more aware of the benefits of good grounding and bonding systems
• Be better prepared to design your next grounding and bonding system

• For those students who have already attended The Electricity Forum’s Basic Grounding
• Electrical Engineers
• Project Engineers
• Design Engineers
• Plant Engineers
• Those who have a considerable understanding of electrical grounding and are responsible for the engineering, design, construction, installation, inspection, operation, or maintenance
of electrical grounding systems in an industrial, commercial or institutional or utility setting.

Program Details: