This electrical grounding and bonding training course is founded on the National Electrical Code and is designed to give you the correct information you need to design, install and maintain effective electrical grounding systems in industrial, commercial and institutional power systems.

One of the most important AND least understood sections of the National Electrical Code is the section on Electrical Grounding
and Bonding.

It has been determined that more than 70 per cent of all electrical problems in industrial, commercial and institutional power
systems are due to poor grounding, and bonding errors. Without proper electrical grounding and bonding, sensitive electronic
equipment is subjected to destruction of data, erratic equipment operation, and catastrophic damage. This electrical grounding and
bonding training course will give participants a comprehensive understanding of practical applications of proper grounding and
bonding practices that will comply with the National Electrical Code.

• Session 1: Electrical Grounding Overview
• Session 2: Electrical Grounding Methods
• Session 3: System and Circuit Grounding
• Session 4: Grounding Connections for Systems and Circuits
• Session 5: Grounding of Generator to Supply Emergency Power
• Session 6: Grounding Connections for Two or more Buildings
• Session 7: Solar Photovoltaic Systems Grounding Session
• Session 8: Conductor Enclosure Bonding
• Session 9: Methods of Grounding
• Session 10: Bonding Methods
• Session 11: Grounding Electrodes
• Session 12: Grounding and Bonding Conductors
• Session 13: Grounding and Bonding Conductor Connections
• Session 14: Computer Room Grounding
• Session 15: Patient Care Areas
• Session 16: Lightning Arresters
• Session 17: Installation of Neutral Grounding Devices
• Session 18: Community antenna distribution Grounding
• Session 19: High-Voltage installations Grounding & Bonding
• Session 20: Material and Minimum Size of Grounding Conductor
• Session 21: Indoor Stations

• Focus on specific electrical grounding and bonding problems and consequences relating to fires, safety of personnel, and damage to equipment
• Participate in a discussion of electrical grounding and bonding problems and how to overcome or avoid them
• Gain a firm foundation of knowledge for your next project involving electrical grounding and bonding
• Develop your knowledge of theory and practice
• The requirements of the National Electrical Code
• Specific grounding problems, installations and National Electrical Code requirements
• Testing procedures for industrial, commercial and institutional electric power grounding systems
• Practical solutions to grounding problems

• This electrical grounding and bonding training course is a must for electrical engineers, design engineers, electrical engineering managers, project managers, power quality specialists, maintenance managers, consultants and technologists responsible for the design, construction, installation, inspection, operation, or maintenance of electrical systems, designers, contractors, and electrical technicians, inspectors, safety personnel and other employees responsible for the operation and maintenance of electrical grounding systems in a commercial, industrial, institutional or utility setting.

Program Details: