Electric Motor Control Training is a way to stay competitive as industry must constantly reduce planning, manufacturing installation and maintenance costs. This Industrial Electric Motor Control Training course introduces the students to the basics of motor and motor control design, application, installation and maintenance, protection and control and describes the control operations and uses of each control products, it’s voltage, current and frequency ratings.

Session 1: General Motor Control Design and Operation
• Basic Motor Control Theory
• AC Motors
• DC Motors Power System Effects on Motors
• High Efficiency Motors
• Methods to improve power factor

Session 2: Motor Control Techniques
• Symbology and Terminology
• Vacuum Contactors
• Dynamic Braking
• Speed Control
• VFD Effects on Motor Performance

Session 3: Motor Protection
• Induction Motor Characteristics
• Insulation Systems
• Fuses
• Overload Protection

Session 4: Motor Failure Analysis
• Electrical Failures
• Insulation Failure
• Thermal Heating
• Harmonic Heating
• Improper Grounding
• Mechanical Failures

Session 5: Motor Testing Methods
• Insulation Life Overview
• Testing methods
• Insulation Resistance
• On-line Testing

Session 6: Motor Maintenance Practices
• Electrical Maintenance
• Cooling Components
• Mechanical Maintenance

• Learn the Fundamentals of Electric Motor Control
• Learn the Latest Improvements in
Motor Efficiency
• Practical Approaches and Problem-Solving Solutions
• Learn Practical Troubleshooting Techniques
• Reduce Equipment Downtime and Operating Costs
• Reduce Reliance on Outside Service Companies
• Make Sure Your Motors Are Up and Running

• Electrical Engineers
• Industrial, Commercial, Institutional Electrical Engineering and Maintenance Technicians
• Electric Motor Control Engineers
• Other electrical personnel involved in the maintenance industrial, commercial and institutional power systems.

Program Details: www.electricityforum.com/forums/motor-controls-onsite.html