This Electric Motor Control Testing and Maintenance training course is designed to be an interactive, problem-solving, learning environment for delegates of all disciplines.

Motors consume almost 50 per cent of all electricity generated. In industry, that percentage increases to about 75 per cent. Optimum
motor management affects plant production, energy savings, and motor replacement costs.

Understanding the proper application of motors to a particular load is critical to motor life and reliability. Various types of
loads and their characteristics will be reviewed for proper motor selection. Protection of the motor against unusual circumstances
ensures that it maximize its useful life. A discussion of conventional and modern solid sate protection will clear up any protection
questions. Accurate failure analysis can pinpoint the reason for failure so that it can be avoided in the future. Various failure modes
and their prevention will be discussed. A program of preventative and predictive maintenance goes a long way to extending the
life of the motor and reducing process downtime.
Students will have an excellent opportunity to ask specific questions and exchange ideas relating to their own unique situations.

• Types of Electric Motors:
• Electric Motor Manufacturing:
• Control of Electric Motors:
• Low Speed High Torque Electric Motors:
• VFD Options
• Bearing Design for Electric Motor Applications:
• Quality Control
• Bearing Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting:
• Predictive Testing:
• Vibration Analysis
• Offline Static Testing:
• Dynamic Testing

• Describe various equipment used for motor testing and maintenance.
• Recognize the cause and source of electric motor problems.
• Explain how to solve existing and potential motor problems, thereby minimizing equipment disoperation and process downtime.
• Analyze types of motor loads and their energy efficiency considerations.

• Industrial, Commercial, Institutional Electrical Engineering and Maintenance personnel
• Plant Electricians
• Consulting Electrical Engineers
• This two-day training course is designed to assist organizations to identify the many savings to be gained from optimum motor protection, control, testing and maintenance

Program Details: