This basic Transformer Maintenance training course introduces basic safe operational and field diagnostics of transformers with the focus on safe operation, testing and maintenance of the distribution transformers normally installed in substations and on poles.

Basic Transformer Maintenance training teaches how units are used to reduce voltage for various day-to-day electrical applications. More than 50 million electrical distribution transformers are located on utility poles and cement pads across the United States. Electrical Transformers serve the crucial function of transforming voltage potential to a higher or lower values to meet the appliances and machinery voltage level requirements. Improper use, maintenance and neglect can cause heavy losses to businesses as well as to the environment.

Students will learn Electrical Transformer Basics – safe and proper maintenance and testing procedures on power transformers.
The course covers transformers used in commercial and industrial power distribution systems, including oil and dry-type units.
Larger power transformers used in utility applications are also covered.

Part 1: Transformer Design and Construction
• Transformer Core
• Transformer Windings
• Transformer Insulation
• Transformer Tank
• Oil Preservation Systems
• Transformer Bushings
• Tap Changers
• Components and Accessories

Part 2: Transformer Operation and Application
• Transformer Applications and Types
• Transformer Operation and Theory
• Transformer Cooling
• Transformer cooling techniques and devices
• Three-Phase Theory/Transformer Types
• Resistive Loads
• Three-Phase Ratio’s
• Transformer De-Rating
• Transformer Failures
• Transformer Field Diagnostics Tests and Techniques

Part 3: Transformer Field Diagnostic Testing and
Maintenance Techniques
• Winding Resistance
• Transformer Ratio/polarity
• Excitation Current Measurement
• Short Circuit Impedance Measurement
Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
• Insulation Resistance
• Insulation Capacitance And Power Factor
• Partial Discharge Measurement
• Transformer Core Testing
• Insulating Oil
• Tap Changers
• Components And Accessories

• Understand the basic operation of a transformer.
• Understand turns ratios and calculate terminal voltage and current.
• Understand terminal markings and various single phase and three phase wiring schemes. (WYE vs DELTA).
• Understand how to perform a polarity test on a potential transformer.

• Field and shop technicians, Field engineers, Maintenance Supervisors
• Others responsible for the testing and maintenance of power transformers rated 750kVA to 500MVA and 4.16kV to 500kV

Program Details: