This Advanced Cable Splicing and Terminating training course is designed according to the type of cable and cable accessories utilized by your company.

Solid dielectric power cable systems are subject to higher voltages than ever before. Inadequate installation and testing of cable
joints and terminations is the number one cause of failure. Proper cable splicing and termination drastically improves the lifetime
of cables and prevents damage to downstream electrical equipment. Professional “On-site” training on Distribution underground
cable accessories from 5KV – 69KV from various manufacturers.

• Overview of practical application
• II. Fundamentals of Low Voltage splicing
• Overview of low voltage splicing methodologies
• Overview of low voltage Cold Shrink Technologies
• Practical Application
• III. Fundamentals of High Voltage Termination
• High Voltage Functional elements
• High Voltage Termination Techniques
• Termination Classifications
• Cable Preparation
• IV. Fundamentals of High voltage Splicing
• High Voltage Tape splicing Techniques
• Practical application
• High voltage Premolded splicing Techniques
• Cable Components
• Jobsheet #5 – Perform a 15KV mono conductor premolded splice
• V. Summary
• VI. Performance Evaluation

• Overview of Tape Products
• Electrical Tape Utilization
• Overview of Low Voltage Splicing
• How to perform Low Voltage Splicing
• Overview of High Voltage Terminations
• How to perform a High Voltage Termination
• Overview of High Voltage Splicing
• How to perform a High Voltage Tape Splice
• Overview of High Voltage Premolded Splicing
• How to perform a High Voltage Premolded Splice

• Maintenance Electricians
• Electrical Contractors
• Safety Inspectors
• Supervisors
• Engineers

Program Details: