Our Basic Cable Splicing and Terminating training courses will teach students that there are two things you should remember when it comes to cable splicing and terminating: 1. Proper splices and terminations are an integral part of any cable system, and 2. Cable splices and terminations become more susceptible to failure at higher voltages.

Therefore, whether splicing or terminating is accomplished by the use of hand-applied tapes, a filled or molded device, heatshrinkable
tubing, or a prefabricated device, care should be exercised during the application. Poor workmanship or improper choice of materials could jeopardize the reliability of the entire distribution system.

• Introduction To Cable Splicing and Terminating
• Technologies and Standards
• Medium-Voltage Splicing and Termination
• Types of High-Voltage Cables
• High-Voltage Cable Components
• Cable Installation and Handling
• Cable Preparation
• Cable-Splicing Demonstration
• Cable-Testing Methods

• Understand medium-voltage cable types, components and design
• Learn the proper and safe use of splicing tools
• Proper cable preparation, installation and handling techniques
• Testing, splicing and termination procedures
• How to perform splicing and terminating using tape, shrink and molded technologies

• Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional electrical engineers
• Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional electricians
• Electrical contractors
• Electric utility linemen
• Cable splicers who are responsible for the installation, maintenance, splicing
and terminating of medium-voltage cable systems

Program Details: www.electricityforum.com/forums/basic-cable-splicing-onsite.html