OSHA Electrical Safety training is designed for industrial, commercial and institutional electricians, technicians, and engineers. They must be properly trained in all aspects of safety, maintenance, and operating procedures in order to do their jobs properly on complex electrical equipment and systems today.

OSHA Electrical Safety training regulations require all employers to document that its employees have demonstrated proficiency in electrical tasks before they can certify that they have been adequately trained. Also, employers must maintain this certification for the duration of the employee’s employment.

• OSHA 1910 Subpart I, Personal protective equipment
• OSHA 1910.137, Electrical protective devices
• OSHA 1910 Subpart R, Special industries
• OSHA 1910.269, Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution
• OSHA 1910 Subpart S, Electrical
• OSHA 1910.302, Electric utilization systems
• OSHA 1910.303, General requirements
• OSHA 1910.304, Wiring design and protection
• OSHA 1910.305, Wiring methods, components, and equipment for general use
• OSHA 1910.306, Specific purpose equipment and installations
• OSHA 1910.307, Hazardous (classified) locations
• OSHA 1910.308, Special systems
• OSHA 1910.331, Scope
OSHA 1910.332, Training
OSHA 1910.333, Selection and use of work practices
OSHA 1910.334, Use of equipment
OSHA 1910.335, Safeguards for electrical personnel protection

Learning Objectives :
• This OSHA Electrical Safety On-Site training course is designed to meet the minimum mandated requirements specified in OSHA 29CFR 1910.331 to 335 for those employees classified
as “qualified” which work on or near exposed electrical parts operating at 50 volts or more, or for those employees classified as “unqualified” but are exposed to electrical hazards during their job duties.
• This also includes those who supervise both qualified and unqualified personnel who are exposed to electrical parts operating at 50V or more.
• Review the principles, governmental regulations, work practices and specialized equipment relating to electrical safety. A documented safe practice system is now required by OSHA 29CFR1910  Subpart R and Subpart S, which will be covered in this course.

• Industrial, Commercial, Institutional Electrical Engineering and Maintenance Personel
• Electrical personnel who work on or near energized and de-energized electrical equipment
• Electrical Safety Managers and Safety Professionals

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