This One-day High Voltage electrical safety training course is designed for electrical maintenance personnel responsible for High Voltage electrical systems, supervisory and health and safety professionals who are responsible for overseeing high voltage electrical work. Dynamic and highly concentrated, this course places maximum emphasis on safety when working on or near energized electrical equipment.

Students will learn the damage electricity can cause to the human body and understand the basic principles of safety in normal
and abnormal conditions. They will also learn how to provide assistance in determining severity of potential exposure to high
voltage arc flash hazards, planning safe work practices and selecting proper personal protective equipment.

During this program you will learn to recognize and avoid unsafe work areas. You will also learn correct approach distances.
Upon completion, you will have a better understanding of proper voltage rated tools and the use of proper personal protection
equipment. By educating workers on issues central to the safe performance of their everyday jobs, loss of life or serious injuries
can be reduced and eliminated from your workplace. Your safety and the safety of your coworkers depend on it!

Review National and Provincial high voltage electrical safety standards and regulations.

• Job Briefing Requirements
• Hazardous Energy Control (lockout/tagout)
• Switching Procedures
• Clearance Procedures
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Flame Resistant (FR) Clothing
• Rubber Protective Equipment
• Live-Line Tools & Testing Requirements
• Working On or Near Exposed Lines
• De-energizing Lines and Equipment
• Personal Protective Grounding
• Substation Safety
• Special Conditions
• Capacitors
• Current Transformers
• Potential Transformer Hazards
• Fuse/Relay Coordination

• Learn to recognize all high voltage electrical sources and hazards created by various high voltage electrical equipment and devices
• Determine the controls used to protect workers from all energy sources created in the work place.
• Learn the dangers of how induced currents and ground gradients are produced
• Learn how to safely select, install and maintain temporary grounds for protection of the high voltage electrical worker.

• Front-Line Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional electrical workers
• High Voltage electrical contractors
• Electric Utility engineering, construction and maintenance personnel
• Electrical safety managers and other health and safety personnel
• Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional electrical engineers
• Substation Electricians

Program Details: